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“This is not the book you’re expecting from a big deal chef. It’s an engaging look at a guy who just loves cooking for his friends. You end up wishing you could drop in on David for a casual dinner—and in the meantime, you’ll want to cook his easygoing dishes for your own friends.”—Ruth Reichl

 “David Kinch makes cooking easy, seductive, and fun. Beautifully written and well composed, this book will teach you all the classics, everything you need to be an enviable and deft host. The musical playlist alone is worth the price. An instant classic, it defines California cool and wears its sophistication lightly.”—Padma Lakshmi, creator of Taste the Nation and New York Times bestselling author of Love, Loss, and What We Ate

 “This book demonstrates the true brilliance of David’s cooking . . . simplicity, elegance, and generosity of spirit.”—Carlo Mirarchi, chef/owner of Roberta’s and Blanca

 “David’s passion for thoughtful ingredients is captivating. What a great opportunity to learn his magical cooking at home.”—Nina Compton, chef at Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro

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“In this age of just-add-water celebrity chefs, David Kinch has never sought the spotlight, but acclaim has rightly found him anyway. This wonderful book is a window into why. Kinch fills its pages with the same qualities that infuse his restaurant, revealing the dedication, creativity, and refreshing humility that underpin everything he does.”—Thomas Keller, Chef and owner, The French Laundry
 “David Kinch’s writing isn’t simply about cooking, rather it’s a life philosophy. Without a doubt, Manresa is one of the greatest restaurants in the world.”—Ferran Adrià
 “I love the sweet craziness of this great roaster and saucier! Vegetable-based cuisine has honed and sharpened his senses, making this big-hearted boy a veritable couturier of vegetable material. David Kinch has the passion of the seasons; he understands that the most beautiful cookbook has been written by nature and has thus entrusted his creativity to what the land and sea provide.”—Alain Passard, Chef and owner, l’arpège

 “Manresa embodies an ideal for all restaurateurs—the natural and delicate expression of its cuisine perfectly reflects David’s personality. Enormous passion can be felt in the aesthetics of his food. There are many chefs in this world, yet David Kinch is one of the few who is trying to open a new gate. This book contains the key.”—Yoshihiro Murata, Chef and owner, Kikunoi Honten, Kikunoi Akasaka, and Kikunoi Roan

Click here to purchase Manresa An Edible Reflection