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Manresa Family Meal Take Out

What is Family Meal?

"Family Meal" is an important part of the culture in the restaurant industry. It exists at most restaurants, albeit in different forms. 

At Manresa, it is a time where the team stops to sit and eat food that has been prepared by members of the kitchen. There is a rotating schedule of who prepares Family Meal and creates the menu for that day. 

It is a time where we are able to sit around a table as a family and get to know one another. It is a time where we gain nourishment and sustenance to prepare us for the evening's service. 

With the closure of dining as we have known it, we wanted to be able to offer part of our culture to the community, and Manresa Family Meal Take Out began. Menus that are reminiscent of what we cook for one another as a team are now available to you. 

"Family Meal" is a concept rather than a meal large enough to feed a family. 

We offer Manresa Family Meal Take Out from Wednesday through Sunday, 4:30pm-6:00pm. 

We will post menus for the entire week at 8am on Tuesday morning on Instagram @manresafamilymeal or @manresarestaruant. Menus will also be posted on Tock.

You will have the option of adding a bottle of red or white wine, Champagne, beer, cocktails for two, or our "Sommelier's Selection" for pairing with the evening's meal as well! 

To place your order, please click here.

If you prefer to choose a bottle from our extensive collection of wines, we have created special pricing for you. 

Please click here to see our wine list.  

If you have general questions, please contact us at  408.354.4330 or info@manresarestaurant.com.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!