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The Kitchen

Our goal is to deliver an ambiance, service and cuisine that speaks of who we are and where we are located, the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains on the wild Central Coast of California. The Manresa menu changes frequently to highlight the best products grown using biodynamic practices from Love Apple Farms in nearby Santa Cruz, with which we have an exclusive partnership.


By sourcing our own produce by sustainable methods, we hope to create a closed circle between guests, the farm, and Kinch's highly personal haute cuisine.


The kitchen works hard to individually select the best of all products, and to create a menu that best takes advantage of the designs and whims of nature and the seasons. Guests put their trust in Kinch’s hands for a truly memorable tasting menu, Seasonal and Spontaneous, with optional wine pairings courtesy of Manresa’s Wine Director Jeff Bareilles.


The following menu is a sample and only representative.

Manresa tasting "seasonal and spontaneous"»